Teton Bouquet

It's always exciting to explore new areas and such was the case last evening as I hiked into this high drainage on the northwestern slope of the Teton Range. I've been keen to explore this area for some time now in hopes of finding wildflowers and a lesser known perspective of the Tetons. But after a couple of hours of hiking up a long and heavily forested ridge, I almost gave up on locating a clearing with a view before running out of light. But then, as luck would have it, I could see the light of the skyline through the timber and soon broke out into this meadow just before sunset. While this was more of a scouting mission that a photo quest, I was delighted to experience this view and these gorgeous high-country wildflowers. And walking out in the dark singing my bear song added to the solo adventure. I do love summer in the high country. As always, thanks for looking! 

Teton Range, Idaho/Wyoming. July 15, 2018.